It was at the tender age of eight, that I first stepped into the kitchen and began cooking with my Italian grandmother. As her mini-sous, we’d often travel into Boston to see family and enjoy the feasts of the saints.  There, in the heart of the North End, I was exposed to local fisheries, bakeries, and farmers markets. From my first raw littleneck clam to a locally made antipasto, to a cannoli finale, I was hooked…I wanted to become a chef.


After years of honing home-cookery skills, in 2010 I took a chance and tried out for MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay. I was lucky enough to be selected from 10,000 contestants.  Lasting until the top 5 were chosen, upon my farewell I decided to take the opportunity to build my training and experience in Michelin Star restaurants throughout the country.

So now what? …I get to do what it is I love!  Cooking fabulously tasty food for a variety of delightful people throughout California is how I spend most of my days. From families to businesses, to the Hollywood crowd, I have focused on providing memorable culinary experiences.    Whether it is prepared family meals, a dinner party, or a cooking class, knowing people are connecting through food and moments that were cultivated by me, well…it has made me forever grateful to this art.


Food has power, and as a conscious chef, I’m committed to making an impact on how and what we eat. Personally, and professionally, I strive to better our environment, support sustainable farming practices, farmers, and community supported agriculture. Aside from all the logical reasons as to why this approach is better I simply found that cooking and eating these foods—well, they just tasted better. I’m a person who tries to make a difference in our world as well as in the lives of others through food.  I’m a proud Chef-A-Preneur committed to educating people on the life skills of cooking.  I’m an organic gardener who cooks and eats my own locally grown produce. I’m a mom who is still sneaking vegetables into everything I make for my kids.  Lastly, I’m a person in love with the Slow Food Movement and believes everyone regardless of income or economic standing should have the right, ability, and access to responsibly grown foods.

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